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3 Programs & Companies That Empower Girls (Guest Post)

November 16, 2016|Posted in: Parenting, Tech

The following is a guest post from freelance writer Sara Upton.

No matter how much we love our girls, sometimes the odds are stacked against them. Even though more women than ever have obtained high-ranking political positions and are taking advantage of STEM programs, the numbers are still paltry compared to men. But there are ways that we can help encourage and guide them so that they may achieve any and all of their dreams, no matter what stereotypes they face.

It’s that kind of thinking that brought about programs such as these–programs that encourage girls to be the best they can, despite the uphill battles. Check out a few of these organizations and companies helping to break down the barriers for girls everywhere.

National Girls Collaborative Project
The National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP), is committed to helping and encouraging girls to pursue careers in STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM jobs are still predominately sought after and acquired by men. And today, many believe that the gap in genders is due to young girls perceiving these jobs as careers meant for boys.

The NGCP is working to change that mindset. Their program allocates resources for institutions offering girls optimum STEM programs. They also work with existing networks to maximize gender equality within the STEM field. By collaborating with educational programs, they can give young girls the tools they need to excel in any field they desire.

The Girl Scouts
Established in 1912, you might think that The Girl Scouts promote an old-school mentality, given the organization’s age. But that’s actually not the case.

Today’s Girl Scouts promote character and confidence-building through community service, as well as survival skills, and STEM education programs. They teach girls how to be fearless and support their communities from kindergarten through high school,, while giving them the skills they need to achieve any goal they set their minds to.

For Tootsa, it’s no surprise why girls feel that STEM related careers are meant for men. How many times do you see shirts with science themes in the girls’ section of clothing? The answer is probably not too often because those are usually specific to the boys’ section. The girls section is filled with baby dolls, wide-eyed pets, and lots of flowers.

Now, if that’s what your girl likes, by all means, let them get as many pieces of floral print as they would like! But encouraging girls means allowing them all of the opportunities in the world, and that means access to the same aerospace, math, and all the other science-inspired clothes. Tootsa levels the playing field by creating designs that aren’t specifically designed for either for girls or boys. There are rocket, flower, and puppy dog shirts for both genders for stylish unisex fashion that looks great on everyone. If your little girl wants to be a doctor, great! There’s a shirt out there for her. Your little boy wants a flower shirt? No problem. Gender should never determine the types of clothes a child can wear.

As parents, we know our girls can do anything they set their mind to. With the support of programs like these, let’s help the next generation believe it, too.

Sara is a freelance writer from Minneapolis who loves all things related to fitness, technology, and fashion. She’s also a mom of two.

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