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Nov 16

November 16, 2016

Funny little power super hero child (girl) in a blue raincoat. Superhero concept

3 Programs & Companies That Empower Girls (Guest Post)

The following is a guest post from freelance writer Sara Upton. No matter how much we love our girls, sometimes the odds are stacked against them. Even though more women than ever have obtained high-ranking political positions and are taking advantage of STEM programs, the numbers are still paltry compared to men. But there are ways that we can help encourage and guide them so that they may achieve any and all of their dreams, no matter what stereotypes they face….

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Aug 27

August 27, 2015

What We Can All Learn From the Ashley Madison Scandal

What We Can All Learn From the Ashley Madison Scandal

“Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” – Ben Franklin Last week – as I’m sure you’ve heard by now – hackers posted online the personal data of some 32 million people who had registered on the cheater-pants website Ashley Madison. Some of the registered users are OUTRAGED that their information has not only been stolen, but also posted to a handy-dandy and easily searchable database. Now there’s word that these users are threatening to sue…

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Jun 11

June 11, 2015


Why Pennsylvania Needs Fair Education Funding

I’m teaming up with the Campaign for Fair Education Funding to speak out for students across Pennsylvania. Although I am receiving some form of compensation, all opinions remain my own. #FairFundingPA The first time I became profoundly aware of the fact that our state’s current school funding system is irrevocably broken, I was in the throes of student teaching. It was 2004. I’d been sitting in a weekly seminar with my fellow student teaching candidates, discussing our achievements, sharing silly anecdotes…

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May 29

May 29, 2015


How Technology is Making Being a Mom Easier

As a self-described gadget-and-gizmo geek, my love affair with technology probably began with my super-cool Commodore 64 in the ‘80s, when I learned how to use a simple “Go To” command that made my name repeat in an infinite loop across the screen (please tell me I’m not alone here). Fast forward a few decades and, despite all of its faults, one thing is certain: technology has certainly benefitted me as a mom. It’s allowed me to work from home…

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Nov 13

November 13, 2014


Five-Year-Olds Don’t Need Smartphones (A Lament)

The other day, while driving through my neighborhood to Target, I got behind a minivan. This is a trip that typically takes around 7 or 8 minutes. Through the back of the minivan, I could see the glare of a video screen, blaring some cartoon I didn’t recognize. Now, I’m not sure where this family’s trip originated, but being that our street is not exactly a main artery through town, I can’t imagine that they were coming from, oh, I don’t know, another…

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