This is not a headline…

June 20, 2014|Posted in: Random Observations

I had mentioned that this blog would include Random Observations About Things. Here is my first.

Dateline: Friday, June 20. This is a headline: “U.S. Blacklists Thailand, Malaysia Over Trafficking.”

This is also a headline: “Ukraine Announces Unilateral, 7-Day Ceasefire.”

And one more for good measure: “Suspect sought in Colorado Shooting of Three After Concert.”

So, for the love of all that is holy, can someone please tell me how the following made it to my Google News feed this afternoon?

“Kim Kardashian’s Rope Dress Was Made For A Cannes Lions Yacht Party.”

Try as I might, I cannot quite figure out what the dealio is with our society’s obsession with this woman. I’m sure she has some lovely, um…character? traits. And yes, I fully grasp the irony that I’m writing about the very thing that I am writing about despising. Still, isn’t there something more important that HuffPo’s Cavan Sieczkowski could have spent time “researching?” Like a viral YouTube video of a cat playing the piano or even the “Saved by the Bell” remake <squeeee!>?

Even though I’m “off the grid” in terms of cable access, I do enjoy pop culture as much as the next sucker. I mean, come on…I maintain a 2-year self-renewing subscription to Entertainment Weekly. But puh-lease, can we as a society stop idolizing non-celebrities like the Kardashians, when there are people — celebrities and non-celebrities alike — who are actually doing and creating and contributing to art/entertainment/music/film/life?

Now, excuse me, I have a rope dress to order. Happy Weekend, y’all.

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